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Paying for College Presentation: Get in the Game!
This workshop provides an overview of the many options available to families to
pay for college. The goal is to inform students and parents about government grants, scholarships, loans, FAFSA application procedures and additional services and programs provided by $tand by Me. Time: 30-90 minutes (depends on audience and presentation).

Scholarship Presentation: Scoring Big with Scholarships
This workshop explores scholarship opportunities from the federal and state governments as well as from institutions, private organizations and online sources. The goal is to inform students and parents about scholarship opportunities and the application process. Time: 45-60 minutes.

FAFSA Completion Workshop: Just Do It!
This is a “hands-on” workshop that will provide students and their families with actual, real-time assistance in completing the FAFSA. $tand By Me staff and trained volunteers will provide one-on-one advice. The goal of this “hands-on” workshop is to provide high school seniors and their families with actual, real-time assistance in completing the FAFSA. Underclassmen and their families are also encouraged to attend and complete the FAFSA4caster to begin planning for the future. Time: Varies from 20 minutes to 2 hours.

College Enrollment Support: Seal the College Deal
This is a mentoring program that targets students, especially first generation, who need additional help after college acceptance. Students work with a mentor to explore decision making, deadlines and requirements needed to end up on a college campus. The goal is to avoid the “Summer Melt,” which can prevent students from transitioning to college because of missed deadlines and requirements.

Paying for College-For Juniors: Spring Training
This is an overview of options for paying for college (see above). The goal is to make students and their parents aware of financial aid as they approach their senior year. Students of all grades and their families are encouraged to attend.: 30-90 minutes.

For more information, contact Sally Coonin, College Funding Project Manager, at 302-559-8288 or

What participants say about our workshops:

  • Financial Aid Presentation: “There was a wealth of information!”
  • Financial Aid Presentation: “I really learned more.”
  • Financial Aid Presentation: “I will really use this resource.”
  • Financial Aid Presentation: “A great opportunity!”
  • Financial Aid Presentation: “Very clearly presented, and so knowledgeable. I’m glad I attended!”
  • Financial Aid Presentation: “Presentation was EXCELLENT!”
  • Scholarship Presentation: “I will most definitely use this information.”
  • Scholarship Presentation: “Very well presented.”
  • Scholarship Presentation: “Really informative.”
  • Scholarship Presentation: “She was great with everyone. Highly recommended!”