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$tand By Me is working with principals and guidance counselors in each Delaware high school to develop college planning programs for students and their families. These include:

Financial Aid Events: Parents and students learn about sources of financial aid and how to access it. $tand By Me experts present general scholarship, grant and federal funding information to parents and students grades 10-12.

FAFSA Events: College funding experts and trained volunteer champions help 12th grade students and parents to fill out the FAFSA on-site at the school during the school day for students and evenings and weekends for families. In the spring, Champions will provide FAFSA Forecasting Events for 11th grade students.

Scholarships:  $tand By Me works with students, parents and staff to understand how to identify scholarship opportunities and write winning scholarship essays.

Financial Planning:  Financial coaches work with families on a one-on-one basis to help them with financial planning for college. This help is available to parents of seniors who are at various stages of the FAFSA application and college acceptance process, as well as to families of underclassmen to facilitate their college planning process.

College Enrollment:  Students who have been accepted to college will be supported over the summer by a Champion as well as high school staff trained by $tand By Me to ensure that they meet deadlines and assignments related to college enrollment.

Capacity Training:  $tand By Me works with schools to identify staff who can be trained on FAFSA, scholarships, and college enrollment. The end result is a combination of internal and external activities designed to increase each school’s capacity to help students and families understand how to pay for college.